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But why would you do that?

A new waste incinerator is due to be built in Edmonton, North London. 2/3 companies wanting to build it have PULLED OUT! And the third, Acciona (which mostly invests in renewables) is fully aware that going ahead would be detrimental to their reputation. In other words, if enough people tell them their opinion now they surely will pull out of the project as well. Which in turn will send very strong signals across the UK, where currently 50 other incinerators are planned to be built.

Here’s why so many people oppose incineration:

  1. It further fuels the climate crisis: About one tonne of CO2 is released with every tonne of burnt waste. Where 90% of that ‘waste’ could actually be either composted or recycled!
  2. It’s racist and classist: Incinerators are 3 times more likely to be built in the most deprived neighborhoods. In many places, like in Edmonton, one of the poorest neighborhoods of the country, people of colour are overrepresented.
  3. It’s a health nightmare: The filters, although most up to date, are still unable to capture ultra-fine particulate matter that is the most harmful to human health. More and more scientific evidence links long-term exposure to air pollution with a greater risk of serious medical conditions and premature death, including from infectious diseases.

And the list goes on! Just see any of the sources, which are all listed in the same link collection:

But please do leave Acciona a negative review or comment! Because together WE CAN WIN THIS!