As a community we’ve been campaigning for years against the NLWA’s plans for build a new and bigger incinerator in Edmonton. But NLWA and the 7 councils are not listening to us, and they refuse to engage meaningfully with their communities’ concerns.

Some residents have started individual council tax strikes to demand that their councillors listen properly and respond to their concerns. They are withholding a small and symbolic amount of their council tax each month, and have said that they will continue to withhold this money until the incinerator rebuild plans are stopped.

To help and offer support to these strikers you could

  • Participate in the campaign of letter writing to the 14 councillors on NLWA
  • Get involved with our crowdfunder
  • Help with creative ideas to spread the word and to raise awareness

Sign up on action network or come to one of our meetings to find out more about ways of getting involved.